Live Together, Die Alone

That statement has always stuck with me. I’m not sure if it’s a common mantra, but I originally heard it used in the ABC show LOST. It makes a lot more sense when you’re stranded on an island and there are polar bears running around.

I think it’s stuck with me for so long because I recognize how much strength there is in a good team. I’m working on a handful of ideas right now, but I would never do them alone. I probably could, but it wouldn’t be nearly as good of a result and it wouldn’t be nearly as fun. When you work towards a goal with others you create a shared experience. You learn something new in success or failure, and together you can uplift each other.

I would be nothing without the people around me.

That’s probably the case for you as well. So if you’ve actually read this far, don’t forget to thank someone that has lifted you up. Too often we miss the opportunity to say thank you.

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